Editor | Project Manager

Nice to meet you.

     I am an experienced, efficient, and passionate editor and project manager with 2 years in publishing and 5 years in the book industry. I received a Master of Arts degree in book publishing from Portland State University in 2018, and I spent the entirety of graduate school as an editor and project manager for Ooligan Press, PSU's student-run publishing house. 


     I have a passion for education through literature, and I'm always researching new opportunities to teach young people about the publishing industry and the importance of books. I look forward to continuing my career in either educational or trade publishing--or perhaps I might be lucky enough to combine my two passions and work with both academia and trade under one house.

It's difficult to really get to know someone through just a resume, so here's a slideshow for you to learn more about me as a person.


I'm passionate about the publishing industry and securing its future as a diverse, inclusive industry through the practice of conscious editing and by raising awareness of publishing as a viable career path for high school students.