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​     I provide copyediting and proofreading services for just about any type of text. Marketing collateral, webpages, short creative works, full-length manuscripts, and more! I provide developmental and line editing services for full-length manuscripts. For freelance services, I specialize in literary fiction, SF/F, and memoir, but do not limit myself to the genres I am willing to work on. 


     I actively practice conscious editing: Making writing/editing choices that promote inclusive, effective, and accountable communication with special regard to minority, marginalized, and sensitive populations.


     Please contact me with your name, contact info, and a detailed project description. For full-length manuscripts, please send as an attachment the 40-60 pages you believe need the most help. Not sure what kind of editing your project needs? Please visit the FAQ page for more information about the differences between copyediting and developmental editing and how to determine what's right for you.

ACES member since 2017

Quotes are estimated on a project-by-project basis. All rates for editing projects adhere to EFA standards. 

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